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Honda http://powersports.honda.com
Can-am http://www.canamoffroad.com/
KTM http://www.ktm.com/us/ready-to-race.html

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ATV Tips From
Tips and tricks for taking care of your quad.
Carb Jetting Guide Everything you need to know about carb jetting.
Change Your
Piston & Rings
Do it yourself tips for rebuilding the top end of a Yamaha Blaster.
Chassis and Frame How to know when you have a chassis problem, what to do if your quad is pulling to one side, how to prolong the life of your chassis and bearings, what to do about rust, what to do about bent or cracked parts, how to protect the undercarriage, and more.
Choke Removal To get an increase in throttle response, you might be interested in this 400ex Choke Removal.
Drivetrain How to protect your axle lock nuts, when to replace rear axle bearings, how much free play you should have in your chain, and more.
Engine & Transmission How to adjust your own valves, the best type of oil and air filters to use, how to rebuild a 2-stroke motor, how to get more power from your motor, how to "true" a crankshaft, start your ATV, how 2-strokes really work, what to do when your clutch doesn't engage properly, and more.
Exhaust & Fuel Questions and answers about how to properly adjust your carburetor, the DG Exhaust, how to keep your exhaust tuned, and more.
High Lifter's
Gearless Locker
Ever wondered what it would be like to ride a Detroit Gearless Locker equipped ATV? Here's a review.
How 2-Stroke
Engines Work
Learn about two-stroke basics, the two-stroke cycle, sparks fly, fuel intake, the compression stroke, disadvantages of the two-stroke, and lots more.
How To
Jet Your Carb
Some examples of how you can change your jetting for better performance, and in some cases increased engine life.
Installing Sparks Ignition Advance Key Everything you need to know to do the complete installation yourself. Great photos too.
Jetting Slide
Valve Carburetors
Here are instructions for jetting Keihin carburetors. You would perform the jetting in the steps given.
Painting Plastic On Your Quad Here are step-by-step details for painting plastic on your quad.
Quad Service GREAT tips like: adjusting a carb air/fuel mixture screw, changing the rear bearing on a Honda, changing Grizzly 660 clutch weights, valve adjusting, rubicon reset procedure, retrieving service codes, adjusting valve clearance, how to wire the fan, adjusting the throttle cable, spark plug info, carb stuff, high lifter rubicon fender kit instructions, how to clean & adjust front and rear drums.
Reverse Limiter Override Switch Here's how to install it yourself.
Seat & Plastic How to's for keeping your seat and the plastic of your ATV looking good.
Custom Made
Here's a list of everything you'll need to do the job yourself, as well as excellent photos of the snorkel on an ATV.
Spark Plug
Color Chart
Reading spark plugs can be a valuable tuning aid. Here are some tips on how to read spark plug colors.
Suspension & Steering How to tune your suspension, what to do if you have "mushy" front shocks, what to do if your quad pulls to the side, and more.
Tires, Wheels & Brakes How to choose the correct brake shoes, reline your brake pads, info about Yamaha Blaster Hydraulic Brakes, how to replace tires, what to consider when buying new tires and wheels.
Two Stroke Motor Explanation The two-stroke cycle can be difficult for some to visualize at first because certain phases of the cycle occur simultaneously, causing it to be hard to tell when one part of the cycle ends and another begins.
Universal Joints Replacement A tip submitted by the Arizona ATV Riders Club.
Valve Adjustment A do-it-yourself article for adjusting the valves on your ATV.
Wheel Offsets There are 3 common front offsets for your 400ex. They are 2:3, 3:2, and 4:1. What these numbers mean is the measurment of the rims. Here are some tips for understanding wheel offsets.

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