Drive Chain

The drive chain will wear with use and requires periodic adjustment.

Remove the chain cover, measure the amount of chain slack to check the chain tension. Chain slack is measured by pushing down on the chain between the two sprockets. The amount of slack should be 3/8” – 7/8”

The chain slack can be adjusted by loosening the four large bolts on back of the axle assembly. The chain adjuster screw can then be tightened to the desired tension. Make sure the four large bolts are Re-tighten.

The chain needs to be lubricated periodically. To lubricate chain, we recommend a non oil-based graphite spray.


Battery contains sulfuric acid
While filling new battery with electrolyte, avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing; otherwise rinse immediately with water, then consult a doctor.

You may have purchased your ATV without the battery installed. To install the battery follow the instructions provided by the battery manufacturer. Once the electrolyte (battery acid) has been placed in a new battery no charging is necessary.

To charge a dead battery, the following charging method should be followed.
Normal charge: 0.4A x 5hrs.
Fast charge: 4A x 30 min.

When reinstalling the battery, be sure to connect the red cable to the positive (+) lead and the black cable to the negative (-) lead. When battery can no longer hold a charge, replace it. The battery should be replaced every three years as a normal service.

Throttle Cable
Inspect throttle cable condition and operation. Replace cable if it has become worn or kinked. Lubricate cable with cable lubricant to prevent pre mature wear or corrosion.

Throttle speed can be adjusted with adjuster screw located beside the throttle lever. Loosen the lock nut and turn the adjuster.

Check the brake cables for kinks or signs of wear that could cause sticking or failure. Lubricate brake cables with an available cable lubricant to prevent premature wear or corrosion. Make sure brake arm, spring, rod and fasteners are in good condition.

Spark Plug
The spark plug is located on front of the ATV engine

Standard spark plug: NGK BPR7HS or BP7HS

To inspect spark plug do the following:

1. Disconnect the spark plug cap. 
2. Clean up dirt from around the spark plug base.
3. Remove the spark plug. This can be accomplished by using the spark plug wrench located in the tool box.
4. Inspect the plug electrodes for wear. If the electrodes and insulator tip appear burned, change to new plug.
5. Discard the spark plug if there is apparent wear or if the insulator is cracked or chipped.
6. Install the spark plug, screw it in finger tight and then tighten with the spark plug wrench another ½ turn to compress the washer.

Air Cleaner
The air cleaner will accumulate dust and should be cleaned every 30 operating days. If riding in dusty areas, the filter will need to be cleaned more frequently. A dirty air filter will cause ATV to run poorly.

To clean the filter:

1. Remove the air cleaner cover.
2. Take out the filter from the air cleaner case
3. Wash the filter element in a non-flammable or high flash point solvent. Soak the element in clean 80-90 weight gear oil until saturated, then squeeze out excess oil.
4. Let filter element dry and then reinstall it.

Crank Case Oil
Your ATV takes 4 oz of 80-90 weight gear oil in the crank case. This oil is already in your ATV when received from the factory. The oil should be changed after every 30 operating days of use. Changing the oil can be accomplished by removing the screw plug at the bottom of the crank case and letting the oil drain out. NOTE: When full the oil will not be visible from the fill cap.

Your ATV takes 2 cycle oil. We recommend Yamalube, Honda line, or Bel-Ray 2 cycle oils. These oils can be purchased at most motorcycle shops. Add oil when the oil level is no lower than ½ inch from the bottom of the tank. Never run ATV without 2 cycle oil, this will destroy the engine.

It is common industry practice to over inflate the tires. This is done to guarantee an airtight seal. Prior to riding the ATV for the first time, you may need to reduce the air pressure in the tires to the specification listed below.

2.5 Recommended PSI 
3.0 Max PSI 
2.0 Min PSI

Never ride ATV on paved surfaces, this will reduce life of the tires.

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